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“Welcome to Prairie Bay International School! We are a Title 1 school." My name is Lesley Smith. I am a second grader. I am 7 years old, but I turn 8 in March! I LOVE my school, and I love my teacher Ms. Daily, she wears the prettiest clothes and she has brown, super curly hair…just like me! I love my friends Kelly, Sofia, Malcolm, and Shunyuan, and guess what…Today is the first day of school! I’m always a little nervous the first day, but I don’t know why. All the teachers are the same, and I know them all. I know most of the other kids, but still…on that first day…I can feel the butterflies moving around in my stomach.” There are so many emotions and there are many expectations. New classrooms mean slightly different rules. The first day of school can be, well, weird! As we read this wonderful book written by Denise Wheatle, a former teacher of 17 years, let’s go with Lesley and her friends as they learn how to interact with peers as well as teachers on the first days of school.

Prairie Bay International School

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