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Have you heard the news? California is extremely overpriced! (You can insert your sarcastic gasp here). I had plans to relocate and start afresh. I had developed plans to work on my business while still teaching. I was going to sell my house in California and with those funds, purchase a new home in my new state. In fact, I had an interview set up with another company, but all plans were halted. I found out I had a brain tumor when I was actually making plans to relocate out of the state.


This is what sparked it all! Had the tumor not been found I would have relocated and the tumor might have continued to grow, which would have brought on another set of problems.


This book is a chronicling of the journey that I have had to undergo! It is a telling of the goodness of God even in the midst of a mind-numbing occurrence. You can allow your negative situation to define you or you can allow it to catapult you to a positive reality. JUST BELIEVE recounts how God has shown up in seemingly hopeless situations, and how He has caused individuals to excel and be greater than they ever could have imagined. JUST BELIEVE is a literary work that causes you to collect experiences and see how the Lord has and is using even those experiences for your good. The hand of God in your situation, at times, can seem so small or nonexistent. But, when you recognize it, it magnifies, and you realize that God has been carrying you through the entire time!


Denise Wheatle is a native of Los Angeles, CA. She attended California State University Hayward, now known as California State University East Bay, where she obtained a B.A. in Liberal Studies with a minor in English. Her desire to help children led to a career in education. She taught in the California school system for 17 years, until the tumor was found. After its’ discovery, removal, and her road to 100% wholeness, she began to reinvent herself. She not only is a writer of books, but also is a gifted songwriter as well. This is her first book which she prays ministers to you as it has ministered back to her.


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